12 Dec

First off let me introduce myself, I am a student born in Essex but living in South Wales. Most importantly though, I love beer. I love drinking it, reviewing it and reading about it. Since early 2011 I’ve tried over 300 different beers. On cask, from kegs and in bottles. Beers from England, Wales, Scotland, Germany, Belgium, America, France, and even Iceland. Bitters, IPAs, stouts, tripels, hefeweizens, porters, lagers, doppelbocks, eisbocks, hellesbocks, kellerbiers, dubbels, quads, Belgian pale ales and Belgian dark ales, barleywines, dunkelweizens, altbiers, black ales, red ales, blonde ales, brown ales, strong ales, mild ales, scotch ales, witbiers, marzens, kolsches and rauchbiers. But still that’s barely a dent made in the massive world of beer available out there. You see I am what might be called a beer scooper, or counter, or ticker. Call it what you will I love trying new beers and I aim to try as many beers as I can. This blog shall serve to be a written record of all my beery exploits and musings. The few who read this can look forward to beer reviews, as well as writings about beer shops, pubs, bars, beer related journeys and maybe even some brewing history.
Thank you to those few, I hope you enjoy it.


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